About Us


Founder and CEO of Telexicom, Jim Hideman started his industry tenure in telecommunications in Colorado Springs, CO.  As the telecom divestiture unfolded with AT&T, Jim started telemarketing for MCI in 1996.  Jim established his first master agency in 1998 with Qwest.


The Language of Telecommunications

In 2003, with years of telecom experience and successful business development projects behind him, Telexicom was born with the sole purpose of making the often perplexing telecom industry comprehensible.  After establishing his first master agency with Qwest, Telexicom diversified with other network service providers, managed service providers, and network assessment and security analyst specialists. With a broad portfolio, Telexicom has has become the universal "Language of Telecommunications" helping clients understand the options with new technologies and service offerings that are hitting the market today.   


To the Cloud!

Recently Telexicom poised itself for growth by becoming a certified cloud specialist.  With Fresh ideas and a creative approach to solving client's issues, Telexicom has earned the trust of countless clients worldwide.  If your company is struggling with implementation of technology initiatives or just needs to collaborate on possible solutions, Telexicom welcomes your call.   855 922-9500