The Telexicom Approach




•Your business

•Current telecom and mobile environment

•Future needs



•Current contracts

•Existing services and check for billing errors against contracts.

•3rd party charges that should not be on your account.

•New Technology Solutions to help your business grow 



•Current rates and SLA’s

•Current services vs. a new solution

•Total Cost of Ownership models/ Assist with RFP’s




•New contract with terms that support your business model

•MACD’s supported with a Telexicom Project Manager to see it all the way through.

•Ongoing support from the Telexicom team, single point of contact for all services

•Alleviate post sales involvement. 


School District

"We have had 5 different carriers, suppliers and providers each propose their individual telecom solution.  All of them said their services were better that the other's.  Telexicom took that guesswork and pressure off of the entire sales and negotiation process.  Our Telexicom rep brought us 3 different carrier's solutions so we could choose one of the 3, and keep the sales rep regardless of what carrier we selected.  What a great way to consult a school like ours!" ~ Jeff

Title Insurance Company

 "Telexicom saved us more than 20% during their audit of our telecom bills.  We were paying for services that we thought were disconnected, and there were features we were paying for that we didn't even need!  Thanks again!" ~Matt 

Auto Dealership

"What I like about you guys is that you are the one consistent point of contact for Centurylink.  We have had 6 direct reps come and go since we started working with Telexicom.  You know our history, and how we are set up; I don't want to explain that to every new sales rep. Working with your team is even better than working directly with the carriers.  Thanks for the partnership." ~ Andy